Dining Services



October 16

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Tater Tots & a Drink

Ever Green Cafe

October 16

Fajita Chicken Wrap

Drink Special:       Pumpkin Pie Frappe

Fresh Market and Cafe

October 16

Lunch:   BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich & Pasta Salad

Dinner:  Chicken & Potato Bowl


October 16

Dinner:  Loaded Baked Potatoes

Campus Store



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Make a Deposit

Student ID Card art.jpg

Your campus ID is the key to college living. It opens doors, works like a credit card, stores your meal plan, hosts your Campus Spending Accounting, gets you printing services and library books. ID photos are taken during orientation or the first days at school. Card services are activated about 5 days before classes begin each semester.

To add money to any of your accounts, visit the on-line portal or visit the ACES Business office, located on the first floor of CDH. Use the Blackboard Transact app to manage your accounts from your phone. App available in iTunes and Google Play. 


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