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The TimberLineZ is open for breakfast and dinner. In the morning, it will feature hearty breakfasts and grab-and-go options. At dinner and during late night, guests will enjoy specialty melt sandwiches, creamy home-style macaroni and cheese, handmade burgers, subs, salads and daily specials that feature the foods Alfred State students love.

TimberlineZ is nestled in the new MacKenzie Commons, highlighted by an indoor waterfall, natural wood, and soaring open ceilings that welcome in the natural light from the surrounding hillsides. 



Watch for Fall Semester Hours



 Breakfast Entrees  
Breakfast Wrap  4:15
Pancakes  3.99
French Toast Sticks  3.99
Corned Beef Hash  3.99
Cereal  1.65
   Ham, Egg and Cheese  3.29
   Sausage, Egg and Cheese  3.29
   Bacon, Egg and Cheese  3.29
   Egg and Cheese  2.90
Choose pork or turkey for meat options  

Breakfast Meal Deals Meal Swipe/8.99
Full Stack Pancakes  
Short Stack Pancakes & Choice of Meat or a Side  
Breakfast Sandwich + Choice of Side  
Breakfast Wrap + Choice of Side  
Cereal Meal (Choice of Cereal + Milk + Juice)  
Corned Beef Hash Meal with a Side  
All Meal Deals include a fountain drink or coffee  
Breakfast Sides  
Hash Browns 2.80
Bacon (Turkey or Pork) 1.75
Sausage (Turkey or Pork) 1.75
Ham 1.75
Fruit  Cup 3.00
Fresh Fruit - Apple, Banana, Orange    .90
English Muffin 1.90
Bagel 1.90
Cereal Bowl 1.60
Nutri-Grain Bar 1.49
Greek Yogurt 1.85
Yogurt 1.30
Coffee 1.50
Juice 1.79
Milk 1.90
Soy Milk 2.50
Almond Milk 2.50
Canned Soda 1.35
Bottled Water  1.50
Bottled Soda 2.00
Gatorade 2.00
Bakery Items  
Muffin 1.80
Salted Chocolate Brownie  2.10
Cheesecake Slice 2.29
Cake Slice 1.99
L A Cinnamon Toast w/ Icing 1.25
Cookie of the Day 1.30


Hot Sandwiches Choose White, Wheat or Gluten Free
Mac and Cheese Melt 5.49
Chicken Wing Melt 5.49
BBQ Pork Melt 5.49
Grilled Cheese 4.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich  4.99
Cold Subs 6" 12"
Ham & Cheese 4.29 7.29
Turkey and Cheese 4.29 7.29
Roast Beef 4.29 7.29
Cheese 4.29 7.29
Traditional Cheese Burger on a Pretzel Roll 5.49
Beyond Burger on a Pretzel Roll 6.99
Chef Salad 7.40
Crispy Chicken Salad 7.50
Chicken Tenders 6.25
Garden Salad 5.60
Add Bacon to a Burger for   .80


Onion Rings 3.39
French Fries 2.99
Mac and Cheese 2.90
Tomato Soup 2.90
Yogurt 1.30
Greek Yogurt 1.85


Meal Deals Meal Swipe
Any 6" Sub with Choice of Side  
Any Specialty Melt Sandwich or Burger with Choice of Side   
Any Salad and a Beverage  
All meal deals include soda or coffee  



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