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Job Description

A Janitor is responsible for the general cleaning of all areas designated by their Unit Manager including but not limited to, the walls, floors and ceilings as well as assisting with the maintenance of the land owned by or assigned to ACES. 


Essential Functions


  • A Janitor will follow proper procedures for maintaining all floor space assigned to ACES.  This will include the proper operation of equipment (such as electric or propane buffers) at the initial direction of the Unit Manager for each cleaning task.  Other floor surfaces including carpet and tile are required to be properly maintained using equipment such as extractors and shampooing machines.   


  • A Janitor will follow proper procedures for table and chair set‑ups for meetings, weddings, graduation, etc.


  • A Janitor will follow proper procedures for cleaning lavatory areas assigned to ACES. This includes following proper sanitation procedures along with replenishing of paper and hand-washing supplies within these areas.


  • The removal of all trash and recyclable refuse to their designated areas is the responsibility of a Janitor.  Replacing full garbage bags with empty ones along with following proper procedures for the cleanliness of the areas used for storing trash and recyclable items.


  • A Janitor is responsible for assisting with any heavy cleaning of kitchen equipment and will follow proper procedures for maintaining janitorial equipment, tables, chairs and other furniture as assigned.  A Janitor should periodically check all equipment and perform preventative maintenance or minor repairs wherever required.  If the repairs are of major importance, the Janitor should consult with the Unit Manager.   Emergency matters should be referred directly to either Public Safety and/or their Unit Manager.


  • A Janitor is responsible for cleaning and organizing the janitorial storage areas along with the re-stocking of supplies needed for those areas.


  • A Janitor will follow proper procedures for maintaining ACES grounds including mowing, trimming, landscaping, and snow removal as directed by their Unit Manager.


  • After direction from their Unit Manager, a Janitor may be responsible for opening or closing the Unit.  This includes following proper procedures for securing money and building keys along with the locking and unlocking building doors.


  • A Janitor will attend safety or other training meetings as needed.


  • A Janitor is responsible to cover any area as needed at the discretion of their Unit Manager.


Job Requirements

Must be able to read, write and speak English.

Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

A valid NYS driver license due to certain assignments in this title that require the operation of a motor vehicle.