Over 120 vending machines loaded with drinks and snacks are located throughout both campuses. With restaurant dining options open from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., there are lots of ways to fill up, but at 2 a.m., hitting the vending machines can get you through one more hour of studying. The easiest way to make a purchase is by using your Campus Spending Account. Of course, cash works in all the machines too.

Report a Vending Problem

To report a problem with a vending machine or a washer/dryer, simply dial (607) 587-COIN (2646) anytime. This will connect you with a voice mail box that is monitored frequently throughout the day. Please leave a short message stating the type of machine, location of the machine and the problem you experienced. Be sure to leave your name and how to contact you if you need a refund. You can also contact us via email


Many students tell us that their favorite part of college is learning how to do their own laundry. ACES makes it fast and easy to learn this important life skill by using a system called LaundryView. LaundryView shows you the availability of your favorite machine online so you can time your laundry chores accordingly. There is no need to save your quarters, because laundry fees are included in your room bill. All Alfred State resident students have unlimited access to washers and dryers. 

How Laundry Works

  1. Every resident student begins the semester with 500 laundry points loaded on their campus ID. 
  2. Each resident hall is equipped with ID card-activated washers and dryers. The machines are activated by swiping your card.
  3. Make sure to activate the machine before you load all your laundry and add soap -- occasionally a machine will malfunction and if you load it first, you may end up with yucky mess that has to be moved to another machine. 
  4. When you swipe your card for a load of wash, 4 points will be deducted from the total. When you swipe your card to activate a dryer, the system deducts 3 points from your total. 
  5. After swiping your card, the number of points remaining will be displayed on the card reader. 
  6. Now it's time to load the machine. 
  7. Do not confuse your laundry points with your CSA funds or your Dining Dollars. More about both here


  1. Identify the machine you want to use
  2. Swipe your card
  3. Type in the correct machine number. The reader will display the number of points that were deducted.
  4. Look for the display to read "Ready then Start".
  5. Push the # button
  6. Go to the selected machine, load it and choose the desired cycle (example: Perm/Press)
  7. Add laundry soap or pod. If you use liquid detergent take care to use only 2 tablespoons of liquid. 

Check machine availability and remaining cycle time online at

Front Load HE Laundry Machine Quick Facts

All residence halls are equipped with front load HE washing machines. These machines use less water than traditional washing machines and they use much less soap. Use HE laundry detergent and make sure that you only use two tablespoons of soap per load. 

For questions or assistance, please call (607)587-COIN (2646) or send email